• Online Nur Kännchen
09. März 2022

The Coffee Innovation Fund, financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), supports pioneering projects that make coffee cultivation more profitable for farmers in innovative ways. Using a wide variety of approaches, they improve production, processing or marketing of the beans and create more value locally. Criteria such as innovation, replicability, inclusivity and potential impact play a role in the selection of proposals. Until today, more than 40 companies have started working on their respective projects.

In the tenth edition of “Online nur Kännchen”, we would like to provide you with deeper insights regarding the Coffee Innovation Fund in general as well as some of the specific projects. Amongst others, we will hear from the company Carble that works on a carbon stock estimation algorithm through remote sensing and Debo Engineering, which uses Artificial Intelligence for the early detection of coffee diseases. The event will be held in English.

Topic: The Coffee Innovation Fund: Fostering Innovation at Origin


  • Benita Heinze and Lena Keller-Bischoff, GIZ
  • Boaz Berhanu and Jermia Bayisa, Debo Engineering
  • Sander Reuderink and Noura Hanna, Carble
  • Daniel Mbithi, Nairobi Coffee Exchange (tbd)