A new era for food and climate: Driving transformative actions

CCAFS - Alliance Bioversity CIAT will host a full-day virtual event on June 25, 2020 on transformation measures in food systems.



The current Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of our food and health systems and has made us aware that the goals of a world without hunger and resilient, sustainable agriculture have not yet been achieved.


In the past two years, more than 100 organizations have joined forces in the "Transforming Food Systems under a Changing Climate" initiative to identify ways to transform food systems.

The first result was a final report with 11 measures that can contribute to changing global food systems.


In view of the current Covid 19 pandemic, CCAFS - Alliance Bioversity CIAT is organizing the all-day virtual event "A new era for food and climate: Driving transformative actions".


Throughout the day, presentations and discussions will be held from different regions of the world on transformative actions to achieve more sustainable agriculture and more resilient food systems.


Further information on the agenda and registration can be found here.