NEW: Episode 61 – War in the Ukraine, wheat scarcity and consequences world food supply

Millions of people are on the run and every day we receive new terrible news from Ukraine. Putin's war of aggression on his neighbouring country is causing unimaginable suffering for the people there. The effects of this war are also being felt worldwide - unfortunately not only in the great solidarity with Ukraine, but also in more and more impending famines. 

Joint statement on the Supply Chain Act

In a joint statement, 33 companies and organisations have committed themselves to the Supply Chain Act. They want to take responsibility together with the German government to make their supply chains sustainable and traceable from the country of production to German and European supermarkets.

INATrace – the traceability tool for sustainable supply chains

INATrace is a transferable, open source blockchain-based traceability solution that makes agricultural commodities traceable from production up to the final product.