• Announcement
15. September 2023
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The Coffee Barometer Collective has unveiled its Coffee Year 2023 report. The report provides an overview of the state of sustainability and challenges in the global coffee sector. This year's report focuses on poverty and deforestation at the beginning of the supply chain, among other issues, and what role the Coffee Barometer Collective sees policymakers and companies playing in addressing these difficulties.   

The Coffee Barometer 2023 was produced by Solidaridad, Ethos Agriculture and Conservation International, with support of Oxfam Belgium. Financial support for the Coffee Barometer 2023 was provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented by GIZ's Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains (INA). 

The results of the Coffee Barometer 2023 show that deforestation and poverty remain the biggest problems in the coffee sector. The report concludes that the EU Deforestation Regulation is not sufficient to reduce poverty and deforestation. In parts, the regulation actually increases the risk of poverty, especially for smallholder farmers. Since small farmers are often unable to meet sustainability standards on their own, there is a risk that they will be squeezed out of global supply chains. To prevent this, the Coffee Barometer Collective says it needs the support of policymakers and businesses. The 11 largest coffee roasters are particularly targeted in this context, as none of these companies can demonstrate a sustainable supply chain, according to the Coffee Barometer 2023.   


These and other findings are presented in a visually appealing way in the Coffee Barometer 2023.