German Cocoa and Chocolate Value Chains
Launch of the report and interactive tool

On 20 September 2022, the launch of the report and interactive tool ”Analysis of the distribution of value, costs, taxes and net profit margins along the German cocoa and chocolate value chains”, developed and presented by Le BASIC will take place.

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The Bureau for the Appraisal of Social Impacts for Citizen information is a cooperative social company that conducts analyses on production and consumption models, their social and environmental impact, and assesses the societal costs related to those impacts. Through its many activities, Basic aims to pinpoint unsustainable models and shed light upon their existing alternatives, in order to support better informed choices for individuals and organizations. The respective study was conducted in close cooperation with the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa.

Estimating and understanding the distribution of value, costs, taxes and net profit margins along cocoa/chocolate chains and thus contributing to transparency is of growing interest to the stakeholders of the sector in the current global context. This is especially true for Europe as this region represents 55% of the world consumption of chocolate and roughly 40% of cocoa grinding.

Following the example of the study conducted by Le BASIC for the French market, Le BASIC was commissioned by BMZ and the EU in 2020 to conduct a similar study for the German market. This is also an important step in the direction to develop a European-wide approach and model.

Introductory remarks will be held by BMZ and EU DG-INTPA, followed by an in-depth presentation of Le BASIC.

We look forward to exchanging with you.