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15. Juni 2023

Join us at the 3rd DIASCA Roundtable Event: Building on Progress for Common Standards in Agricultural Supply Chains! 

Over the past months, DIASCA has been dedicatedly working to tackle the challenges encountered by supply chain actors and drive the agreement on common standards in agricultural supply chains. Our progress is evidenced by the successful convening of two prior roundtable events, where we shared and discussed intermediate results from our three dynamic working groups with a diverse audience. 

These diligent working groups, focused on traceability, forest monitoring, and income/cost of production, have made significant strides in establishing the fundamentals for interoperability between different systems, but there is still much progress to be made, and we welcome all interested collaborators to join us on this journey! 

At the 3rd DIASCA Roundtable Event, we are excited to present the comprehensive status report on the work conducted, highlighting the achievements and advancements made thus far. We will showcase the first reference project that is about to start in Kenya in collaboration with the Nairobi Coffee Exchange, demonstrating a national initiative focusing on first mile data standardisation.  

An exciting opportunity has arisen for collaboration between DIASCA and the Forest Data Partnership - we will provide more details on this remarkable synergy during the event, promising a great prospect for driving positive change in the forestry sector. 

Furthermore, we would also like to share the exciting news of the Linux Foundation's AgStack project releasing the geo-asset registry and initiating the development of innovative use cases around it. 

Now, we cordially invite you to join us at the 3rd DIASCA Roundtable Event, where we will continue to build upon the significant progress achieved thus far.  

The event will take place virtually on 15th June 2023 from 3:00-5:30pm CEST 

We look forward to your participation and the continued progress we will achieve together! 




3:00 Welcome 

Leonhard Nima, Moderator 

3:05 DIASCA 2.0 – Unveiling the Future 

Lars Kahnert, INA/GIZ 

3:25 Forest Monitoring – Progress and Partnerships 

Liam Brody, COSA / Brian King, CGIAR / Rémi Dannunzio, FAO /  

Sumer Johal, AgStack/Linux Foundation 

3:55 Income & cost of production – Status Quo and Road Ahead 

Jessica Mullan & Sylvia Calfat, COSA 

4:25 Traceability – The Kenyan Approach for Interoperability in the Coffee Sector 

Lisper Ndungu, Nairobi Coffee Exchange 

4:55 Future Vision 

Kim Elena Ionescu, Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

John Keogh, Shantalla Inc. & McGill University

Roel van Poppel, OLAM & SustainIT

5:30 Closing