INA in Ethiopia: Pilot Project ISASE - Innovations for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, INA has been focusing on beeswax as a previously neglected raw material since the summer of 2019. In the region of the Woreda Nono Sale, coffee is cultivated in the first place, and many of the small farming families run beekeeping in parallel, some of them also grow spices. The honey is used, the wax was previously often not recycled. However, beeswax in organic quality is a popular raw material on the world market.


Through the open and committed cooperation of relevant wax companies and coffee companies in the INA now new sales markets are to be created. The smallholder families can thus generate their income from the sale of various raw materials. Measures to professionalise their activities in honey, beeswax and spices will help to close the income gap to a living income. This includes the adaptation of production and processing steps to the requirements of the international market as a prerequisite for the development of export capacities, especially in the quality segment of coffee and beeswax.


The goal of the INA project is to build a sustainable growing region at the Woreda Nono Sale level in the Oromia region. The project focuses on coffee, beeswax, honey, spices. In addition, the traceability of these raw materials with digital solutions is to be improved.


Film impressions of Nono Sale

In a short film we introduce the project region. Additional information about coffee cultivation and beekeeping in Nono Sale can be found in the factsheet.

Searching for fellow campaigners

Are your organization or business operating in Ethiopia or the above or other commodities? Would you like to become active together with the INA for living income? Then write us!