INA in Colombia: pilot project in the Amazon and Orinoco region

Colombia is one of the eight Amazon riparian states, the largest and most biologically diverse tropical rainforest region on earth. However, extended agricultural production and illegal logging, combined with unsustainable management, are depleting forest areas.


Since 2019, the INA and the GIZ Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains and Standards program have been active in the Caquetá and Meta departments on behalf of the BMZ. Together with the AmPaz project for the protection of natural resources in areas affected by the civil war, we are building sustainable, cross-commodity production regions there - with a focus on living income for smallholder families.


In particular, the cooperation with the partner country Colombia aims to improve the living and income situation of small farmers without endangering the forest and natural ecosystems.


Coffee, cocoa, palm oil and rubber are at the center of our cross-cutting work. The cultivation of these raw materials in sustainable agroforestry and forestry systems counteracts deforestation by providing an alternative to extensive livestock farming, which is considered the main de-forestation driver in Colombia.

Project goals


  • Training and qualification of smallholder farmers and producers on sustainable farming practices
  • Diversification of agroforestry production, promotion of new product lines
  • Connecting small farmers with global and fair supply chains
  • Strengthening the organization of cooperatives and producer organizations
  • Income increase (living income) for small farmers
  • Development and delivery of digital solutions for the traceability of supply chains
  • Establishment of sustainable growing regions and connection to national and international markets

Searching for fellow campaigners

Are your organization or business active in Colombia or the above or other commodities? Would you like to become active together with the INA for forest protection and living income? Then write us!