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29. June 2021

This 'World Without Hunger' article is about opportunities for end-user communication in the area of sustainability. A look into the future and the growing influence of Generation Z.


The potential of social media for development cooperation is enormous. Due to the media-affine Gen Z, which can be influenced online to consume and likes to influence themselves, there are many opportunities for end consumer communication. 
This is one of the three theses of our colleague Björn Willms, who works as a communicator at the Initiative for Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains (INA). He explains why consumers have such a great influence in the area of sustainability, what the "Greta effect" is all about, and where the potential for development cooperation lies.
Robin Blase shows how modern consumer communication works in practice. In an interview, the Youtuber takes a stand on the topic of consumer awareness on his channel.

Here you can read the whole article.

You can access Robin Blase's video here.