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19. January 2024
Angélica Castro/GCP

Berlin, Germany - January 19, 2024 

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the International Coffee Organization (ICO), and the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) have reaffirmed their collective efforts towards the transformation of the coffee sector by signing a forward-looking cooperation agreement at the Internationale Grüne Woche in Berlin. 

Shared Vision and Goals 

The declaration emphasizes the commitment of BMZ, ICO, and GCP to addressing key challenges in the global coffee sector. The signatories express their common interest in a profound transformation of the global coffee sector, focusing on issues such as livelihoods, market transparency, economic and ecological resilience, gender equity, and the promotion of policies and institutions. 

"With our distinct and complementary strengths, we are united in our pursuit of a prosperous future for the farmers behind the 2.94 billion cups of coffee we consume every day,” explains Vanúsia Nogueira, Executive Director of the ICO, adding, “Today’s signature highlights the ICO, GCP, and the German Government’s dedication to elevating the sector and implementing effective joint initiatives to achieve our common goals." 

Angélica Castro/GCP
Angélica Castro/GCP
Angélica Castro/GCP

Coffee Private Public Task Force (CPPTF) as an Effective Multi-Stakeholder Mechanism 

In 2019, ICO in partnership with GCP and with crucial support from BMZ and GIZ, established the Coffee Private Public Task Force (CPPTF). This public-private forum serves as a multi-stakeholder partnership mechanism aligned with the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The CPPTF aims to create a shared long-term vision and consensus for a roadmap, define new collaborative measures, and monitor progress towards sustainable, inclusive, and resilient global value chains in the coffee sector. 

2030 Roadmap and Sector Goals 

BMZ, ICO, and GCP reaffirm their commitment to the ambitious 2030 Roadmap adopted by the CPPTF. The roadmap outlines commitments and goals for sector transformation, emphasizing the need for collaboration at national, regional, and international levels to ensure the active participation of all key stakeholders. 

Diverse Strengths and Contributions 

The signatories plan to leverage their diverse and complementary strengths for the successful transformation of the coffee sector. BMZ's development priorities align with the CPPTF roadmap, ICO strengthens global political dialogue, and GCP provides a unique coordination and implementation structure for collective action. 

Shared Intentions and Declarations 

BMZ, ICO, and GCP declare their shared intentions: 

  • Addressing the root causes of the sustainability challenges faced by coffee farmers. 
  • Promoting economic resilience, social sustainability, and the protection of natural ecosystems in coffee-growing landscapes through sustainable and regenerative production, trade, and consumption. 
  • Supporting the public-private dialogue of the CPPTF, mobilizing resources and relevant stakeholders at regional, national, and international levels, and aligning efforts towards implementing jointly agreed-upon solutions. 
  • Identifying suitable joint initiatives related to the aforementioned areas of interest and implementing them in accordance with the respective guidelines of BMZ, ICO, and GCP. 

This declaration marks a crucial milestone on the path to a sustainable and future-oriented perspective for coffee smallholders and the coffee sector as a whole. 

Additional information is available in the accompanying press release.