• Announcement
15. February 2021

The share of sustainably certified palm (kernel) oil in Germany has increased to 83%. This is shown by the new palm oil market study published by the Forum Nachhaltiges Palmöl (FONAP) on 20.01.2021 in the context of the International Green Week. Since 2013, the FONAP study analyzes data on sustainability certification and is published every two years. The data is unique in the world and serves as an important policy barometer for sustainable palm oil developments. Now, the latest study demonstrates that there has been a 13 percentage point increase in the consumption of sustainable palm (kernel) oil in Germany compared to 2013.

The study examines the consumption of palm and palm kernel oil from 2019 in four sectors of the economy. It also finds that, in contrast to rising global consumption, demand for palm (kernel) oil in Germany has tended to stagnate since 2013. However, the share of sustainable palm (kernel) oil is significantly increasing at the same time. Accordingly, the food sector has reached a share of 90 percent of certified palm oil. In 2013, the figure was still 61 percent. The detergents, cleaning agents and cosmetics sector increased from 47 to 63 percent in the same period. Even though the figures for the animal feed sector are currently stagnating, the shares rose from three percent in 2013 to 25 percent in 2019. The chemicals/pharmaceuticals sector was able to increase its share from 14 to 36 percent within the last six years. Germany is thus on track to reach the 100% target, led by FONAP members who have been meeting this goal for years.

The English summary of the results is available here. Visit the FONAP website for more information on the press conference, palm oil market study, and FONAP activities.

FONAP is an association of about 50 companies, associations, non-governmental organizations, the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The German government's goal is the use of 100 percent sustainable palm oil in Germany.