• Announcement
14. January 2021

The Federal Government published the "Guide for Sustainable Textile Procurement by Federal Administration". For the first time, the guide clearly defines both social and environmental sustainability criteria for public textile procurement along the entire supply chain.

The guide recommends sustainability requirements for textile procurement by the highest federal authorities. At the same time, it provides guidance for federal states and municipalities to facilitate the work of public procurement agencies in terms of sustainable textile procurement.  

Thus, the federal government emphasizes the relevance of sustainability criteria as well as the protection of people and environment along the entire supply chain. The application includes the following three product categories: Apparel textiles and linen, bedding and mattresses. 

Click here for the press release of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 

For more information on fairness in global supply and value chains, click here.

PDF Download: Guideline for Sustainable Textile Procurement (German)