• Announcement
03. January 2023

Interface between INATrace and Beyco

In corporate due diligence, human rights are indispensable, especially at the beginning of global supply chains. Digital traceability offers opportunities to record and evaluate information about production conditions along the supply chain.

As part of a further development of INATrace, an interface has now been created between the two applications INATrace and Beyco, which offers new possibilities for transparency in production, purchase and sale. Coffee producers using INATrace are able to offer their coffee directly to potential buyers on the Beyco platform. In addition, sellers and buyers can negotiate contract conditions and conclude contracts on the platform. This offers mutual benefits, as Beyco has an extended offer, while producers using INATrace benefit from new opportunities to sell their coffee.

The new function launches in the beginning of 2023 on the ground in Honduras and Rwanda.


INATrace serves as a digital, open-source traceability solution that captures all process steps and transactions along the supply chain from farmer to ready-to-sell product. The core objective is to bring transparency into the supply chain and thus guarantee farmers a fair payment for their agricultural products. Companies are thus offered support in their fulfilment of their due diligence obligations and take responsibility by disclosing information on the origin of the product.

Coffee producers can use the freely available system to offer their products, companies can disclose information on the origin of their products in line with due diligence, and buyers benefit from greater transparency.

For the benefit of the general public, the blockchain-based technology application is being continuously developed.


Beyco ("Beyond Coffee") is a global digital trading platform for coffee which is based on blockchain technology. It offers a real-time overview of available coffee varieties, purchases and sales. Coffee producers can offer their products for sale via their profile on the platform. Buyers profit from the opportunity to search online for coffee that meets certain requirements in terms of quality, origin and other characteristics. Interested buyers can contact coffee suppliers and negotiate price, volume, quantity and other contractual terms. This information can be disclosed by buyers to be transparent to their customers.