Webinar: Child labour for chocolate - How can a supply chain law help?

© GIZ / Guenay Ulutunçok

The Germans love chocolate. The sweet taste makes it easy to forget that despite the chocolate industry's promise to end the worst forms of child labour, none of the major chocolate manufacturers can rule out the possibility of child labour in their products. Even today, some 2 million children still work under exploitative conditions on cocoa plantations in West Africa.


In the webinar "Child labour for chocolate - How can a supply chain law help?" Johannes Schorling, One World-Promoter for Sustainable Business at INKOTA-network and member of the steering committee of the Supply Chain Law Initiative speaks about the causes of child labour in cocoa farming, the previous commitments of chocolate companies and the chances of a supply chain law to change these conditions. 


The webinar series is organized by Fian Germany, Germanwatch, Inkota and Südwind. Gertrud Falk will be the moderator.


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