For the second time already, the "INA-New Year's Get-together" will take place in Berlin on 20th January 2020.


The keynote speech offers the opportunity to think outside the box: Sylvie Mamias, Secretary General of UNION FLEURS – International Flower Trade Association  situated in Brussels, gives a glimpse into the flower sector, which  has tackled various challenges like living wage, environmental pollution as well as requirements for climate friendly logistics for many years. Sylvie Mamias advocates the interests of stakeholders from the trade branch as well as of producers - also in EU-committees. For a long time, the sector profited from seemingly "flying under the radar". However, stakeholders increasingly recognize that the challenges can only be tackled through collaboration, transparency and openness. We are very much looking forward to Sylvie Mamia's input as well as the exchange of different experiences and lessons-learned.


The evening will be rounded up with an input by spoken word artist Nick Pötter, with a poetry slam on the topic of supply-chains.  


Should you be interested in participating please send a mail to until 10th January.