Study: Webinar on Crop Diversification in the Indian Organic Cotton Sector

With a particular focus on India's organic cotton sector, the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) study is investigating the potential of intercrop diversification in agriculture. Key findings from the research project, which go beyond use in the organic cotton sector, have now been presented in a webinar.


Crop diversification creates agronomic, environmental, and economic benefits - these are the findings of the OCA study, which was conducted as part of the Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chain Initiative (INA) of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.  In collaboration with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), the project examines the impact of crop diversification on biodiversity and farmers' livelihoods. 




The study shows that diversification and the professionalization and marketing of intercrops support these areas and have an effect on several levels at once: In addition to improving quality, biodiversity is positively affected and farmers' incomes can also be increased if the appropriate market access is ensured. Based on the Indian organic cotton sector, crop diversification also offers potential for transfer to other agricultural commodities. Key findings were presented by experts from the research project, including Silke Peters, team leader at INA.


You can watch a recording of the webinar here. Download the full study, Boosting Biodiversity and Improving Farmer Livelihoods Through Crop Diversification, here.