Online seminar: Environmental impact of food production

On February 23, the VHS-Bonn, together with the University of Augsburg and the University of Greifswald, will provide information on the true costs of food (‘True Cost Accounting’).

The online event focuses on the true value of food and shows how to determine it. Therefore, Dr. Tobias Gaugler, University of Augsburg, and Amelie Michalke, University of Greifswald, will present their contribution to True Cost Accounting.



Tuesday, 23.02.21, 18:00 - 19:30


Please register at the VHS in order to be informed about changes in time. To register, click here. For further information on the registration procedure, click here and refer to course number 1320ON.



About True Cost Accounting

The production of food goes hand in hand with environmental pollution. It has an impact on global warming, the over-fertilization of soil and water, the extinction of species and the deforestation of rainforests. In true cost accounting, social and environmental impacts are part of the financial reporting thus are taken into account in food prices.