Inclusion of ALISOS in the German Initiative on Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO)

ALISOS is responsible for coordinating the steering secretariat of the Cocoa, Forests and Peace initiative in Colombia, a pioneering public-private multi-actor-partnership of the Colombian cocoa sector to protect the forests and promote the peace process.


ALISOS (Alianzas para la Sostenibilidad) has applied for membership. The Board agreed that the membership of a South American initiative represents added value for GISCO. It was decided that ALISOS will join the GISCO with consultative status and be involved in the communication of Member Group D.


With ALISOS, GISSCO is strengthening its presence on the American continent, a region that will become increasingly important in the future for sustainable cocoa production and the sector as a whole.


In addition, the World Cocoa Foundation WCF will hold its Partnership Meeting 2020 in Bogotá, Colombia, from 18th to 19th November. The Partnership Meeting of the WCF is one of the most important global industry events dedicated to sustainability and transformative change in the cocoa sector, promoting policy dialogue, mutual learning and knowledge sharing.


As INA, we are pleased about this decision of the GISCO and look forward to an even closer cooperation between GISCO, ALISOS and the INA platform in the future.