Brochure about human rights diligence in companies

The National Action Plan (NAP) Business and Human Rights Helpdesk at the Agency for Business & Development, the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) and the Office of the German Sustainability Code (DNK) are publishing a brochure to help companies exercise their human rights diligence. The brochure is intended to help companies to find out where they stand in this process and where they  should make adjustments.


In terms of human rights, it is not only about forced labour, child labour and exploitative labour, but also about freedom of religion, assembly and opinion, as well as adequate wages.


Using concrete examples, the brochure shows how companies can assume responsibility and create transparency about their own actions through continuous reporting.

It also explains the three points of pillar protection, the Federal Government's five core elements for the integration of the human duty of care and the DNK's criterion 17 for reporting. 


Click here for the link to the website and the brochure.