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INA event series on supply chain due diligence law part 2

The second part of our lunch break focuses on a risk analysis using cocoa as an example.


Online nur Kännchen – Entwaldungsfreie Lieferketten Teil 2 Handlungsoptionen für Unternehmen – Konzepte und Instrumente

Wälder bedecken ein Drittel der Erdoberfläche, sind Lebensraum für viele der bekannten Tier- und Pflanzenarten und wichtige Klimaschützer. Außerdem sind sie Lebensgrundlage für mehr als 1,6 Milliarden Menschen. Doch die Wälder sind bedroht. Alle vier Sekunden verschwindet Wald in der Größe eines Fußballfeldes. Etwa die Hälfte der globalen Waldvernichtung betrifft die tropischen Wälder am Äquator, einer der wichtigsten Anbauzonen für Agrarrohstoffe wie Palmöl, Soja, Kautschuk, Kaffee und Kakao.


Online-Event: Digital Coffee Future Traceability Summit 2021

The Digital Coffee Future event puts the spotlight on traceability and digitalization in the coffee industry.


Online-Event: Regulatory Trends and Developments for Supply Chains - The case of Coffee

The topic is regulatory developments based on the example of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act. The focus is on coffee.


Online Event: Technical Round Table on Sustainable Cotton Production (TRT)

The production of cotton in a sustainable and resilient manner gains more and more importance in times of dramatic climatic changes, the deterioration of nature and growing social imbalances. Additionally, and intensified by the COVID 19 pandemic, consumers demand for sustainably produced textiles increases significantly. Several big brands announced to solely use sustainable cotton until 2025. Following, a projection of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) the rapid growth in demand will likely outstrip supply of sustainable resources and result in scarcity.


Online event: Promoting dietary change for a healthy climate - the role of public procurement in the EU

This panel discussion will address the importance of funding for food procurement, which helps promote more sustainable and climate-friendly diets.


INA event series on supply chain due diligence law

Kick-off event of the monthly event series on putting due diligence into practice.


Virtual Delegation Trip to Kenya & Rwanda

Baden-Württemberg International (BW_i) invites to an info event on Digital Health and Innovative Farming.


UN Food Systems Summit

The UNFSS is part of the Decade of Action to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Online nur Kännchen – Deforestation-free supply chains part I - What is deforestation and what does coffee have to do with it?

Forests cover one third of the earth's surface, are habitats for many of the known animal and plant species, and are important climate protectors. They also provide a livelihood for more than 1.6 billion people. But forests are under threat. Every four seconds, forest the size of a soccer field disappears. About half of the global forest destruction affects the tropical forests at the equator, one of the most important cultivation zones for agricultural raw materials such as palm oil, soy, rubber, coffee and cocoa.