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1. Respectful discussion

We aim to have a respectful discussion.

  • Please always remain polite, fair and objective on our social Media page: always bear in mind that you are talking to people, not virtual entities. Put forward your opinion, but never resort to personal attacks or arguments that relate to individuals.
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2. Stay on topic

You can find content relating to global agricultural supply chains and international cooperation here. We hope you will understand that we do not comment on topics that are unrelated or only loosely related to those topics. We do not comment on any political or economic subjects and we do not offer opinions on the performance of politicians, political parties or governments.
We look forward to receiving your comments relating to the content of our posts and reserve the right to remove any comments that are unrelated to the topic, and identical comments submitted below multiple posts. Naturally, we will inform the sender of any such deletion in a personal message.


3. No spamming

Any misuse of our account and this page as advertising space for websites or services will be removed, as will any commercial or private posts offering goods or services.
Content, information, software or other material that is in violation of existing laws will likewise be deleted.


4. Correct quotes

When using quotes, the source or author must always be named. To quote correctly, you must use the exact wording and indicate the correct source. Only quotes and sources that the reader can verify are permitted.


5. User responsibility

Users are responsible for their own contributions (comments, posts, etc.). INA shall not be held liable for users’ contributions.
The copyright to any contributions and photos that are covered by copyright is retained by the author; however, by posting the content, the author gives INA the right to keep the contribution on its Facebook page permanently and archive it, and assures that no third-party rights are infringed thereby. INA has the right to hide, delete, edit, move or close any topics and contributions.


6. Ultimate responsibility lies with the operator

As the operator of this page, we will not tolerate any breach of the commenting rules set out here. We also reserve the right to delete posts or comments at any time without giving a reason.
By interacting with INA’s Social Media pages, you acknowledge and agree to these rules.


7. The general laws and regulations apply

Violations will lead to the user being excluded from taking part in the discussion and, in extreme cases, may lead to legal action.
We thank you for your understanding and hope you enjoy using our Facebook page