Ensuring the sustainability of climate-smart and fair coffee value chains in Ethiopia

A coffee farmer pours coffee harvest into a basin (© Moyee)

Fact sheet

Commodity: Coffee

Country: Ethiopia

Duration: 12/2022 to 11/2025

Target groups: 11.000 smallholder families

Total funding: 1.499.869 EUR 

Private sector contribution: 1.500.130,83 EUR

© Moyee

Project description

The project "Ensuring the sustainability of climate-smart and fair coffee value chains in Ethiopia" commenced in December 2022. The primary objective of this project is to increase the income of 11.000 coffee smallholder farmers in Ethiopia. Specifically, the focus will be on the coffee growing regions in Southwestern region (Kaffa and Sheka zones) and Oromia region (Guji zone). The project aims to proof the sustainability of the climate-smart and fair supply chain to serve international buyers and customers, inccluding MAAS international and Moyee's European trading arm Dutch Africa Investment Holding.

The project targets different components:

1. Capacity building and training about climate-smart agriculture by applying sustainable agro-forestry principles contributing to sustainable soil and land-management, biodiversity conservation and reducing the risk of deforestation.

2. From crop to cup: following a zero-waste approach for the entire coffee value chain from farming to washing, cleaning, roasting, packaging to shipment directly from origin to the end consumer.

3. Financial premiums for farmers by certification, climate-smart premiums and a fully digital traceability enabled by blockchain technology.

To achieve the desired outcomes, the project comprises activities such as quality improvement, certification and premium payments, as well as introducing sustainable agro-forestry principles and providing stress-resilient coffee seedling varieties. By implementing these activities, the project aims to increase livelihood of farmers and make a valuable contribution to sustainable land management.

A female coffee farmer presents her coffee harvest in a basket (© Moyee)
A female coffee farmer harvests coffee beans from a coffee plant (© Moyee)
Female coffee farmers spread coffee out to dry in the open air (© Moyee)
Coffee farmers lift a bag of coffee beans from the weighing station (© Moyee)
Coffee beans grow on a coffee plant (© Moyee)
Landscape with coffee plants, trees and mountains (© Moyee)


  • Moyee
    Moyee is the leading Ethiopian coffee roaster and exporter company based in Addis Adeba with an integrated end-to-end operation throughout the coffee value chain, from crop to cup. All the growing and roasting is done in the country of origin. Moyee coined a FairChain model bringing local value adding activities, such as, world-class roasting and packaging facility and providing premium wage to Ethiopia’s farmers.​​​​
  • MAAS
    MAAS is the world’s leading vending machine operator, as the founder and leading force behind IVA (International Vending Alliance) with more than 640.000 machines in operation worldwide. Its global head office is in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and has a strong hold over the European market.
  • Tega & Tula
    Tega & Tula is one of the leading specialty coffee producers in Ethiopia. It is professionally managed with a processing facility on-site along with an environmentally friendly production system in the Kaffa and Sheka regions across the Southwestern state. The coffee produced is 100% Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified, keeping the natural environment intact.
  • Exchange Trading
    Exchange Trading is a coffee trading house that also operates washing stations for processing in Guji-Oromia state. It works with 3.900 out-growers under it’s out-growers’ scheme. Exchange Trading avails different variety coffee profile to the international market.
  • DAIH
    DAIH is an investment fund based in the Netherlands initially established to invest in Moyee Coffee Roasting PLC. In 2016, DAIH, through its shareholders, assisted in setting up a coffee roaster in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, together with the local entrepreneur Moyee Coffee Roasting PLC. DAIH is currently establishing a trade arm to accelerate international sales in EU & the US for the new organic and forest coffee under Moyee brand: Gora.