Information about the initiative

The I4C supports innovative holistic agricultural supply chain approaches that contribute to the transformation of global food and land use systems against the backdrop of advancing climate change. The aim is to initiate positive change from production to consumption. 

The beneficiaries of the projects are smallholder farmers and their families and/or other stakeholders working along the selected agricultural supply chains in the specified Partner Country/ies.

All projects have a duration of up to 3 years and are implemented by the Consortia. Consortia consist of at least one International Company and a Local Entity in each Partner Country. Optionally, one or more International Organizations can participate as further Consortium partners.
The total financial volume of the projects amounts up to 3 million €. Thereby, the Consortium makes an own contribution of at least and preferably more than 50% of the total project budget. 


Projects work on topics related to climate protection and adaptation to climate change within the context of agricultural supply chains.
They focus on at least one of the agricultural supply chains listed below but can also include multiple raw materials.

The project activities are implemented in at least one BMZ Partner Country. They are designed to contribute to the national climate targets - Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)/ National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) - in the agricultural sector of the implementing Partner Country/ies. They cover at least two of the following three areas of action:   

The following indicators can serve as an orientation for the thematic focus of the projects: (1) Farm income, (2) Increase in crop yield, (3) Capacity building, (4) Climate-smart innovations, (5) GHG emissions reduction or avoidance, (6) GHG removal, (7) Regenerative agriculture

For further information please contact us at: florian.reil(at)