Informationen about the Initiative

Feminist & Fair supports gender-transformative, holistic projects that aim at making global agricultural supply chains more inclusive, fair and equal. To achieve inclusion and social justice, the projects follow an intersectional approach. They also aim at reducing systemic and normative inequalities that continue to prevent the equal participation of women and the fair distribution of profits in agricultural supply chains.

To transform agricultural supply chains, the projects cooperate with various actors along the supply chain - from the SHELF to the FIELD. Thereby, they take into account the 3Rs of Feminist Foreign Policy - rights, representation and resources - while promoting sustainable production practices.


Beneficiaries of the projects are women, girls and/or other politically marginalized groups, who are directly or indirectly involved in the production of at least one of the following raw materials:

Through their intersectional approach, the projects take into account overlapping identities beyond their specific target group, such as class background, ethnicity, educational level, marital status and ability. 

The project activities are implemented in at least one BMZ Partner Country (Countries | BMZ). They have a duration from 1.5 to 3 years and are implemented by business-led Consortia. Consortia consist of at least one International Company and a Local Entity in each Partner Country. Optionally, one or more International Organizations can participate as further Consortium partners.

The total financial volume of the projects varies between 1 and 2 million €. Thereby, the Consortium makes an own contribution of at least and preferably more than 50% of the total project budget.

The following indicators can serve as an orientation for the thematic focus of the projects:

(1) Capacity building (2) Increase in income/wages (Resources), (3) Innovative approaches to achieve more equitable supply chains, (4) Representation, (5) Empowerment

For further information please contact us at hendrike.braun-issa(at)