• INA lunchbreak
  • Supply Chain Act
13. January 2023

The INA Lunchbreak starts into 2023 with the topic "The Food Security Standard of Welthungerhilfe as a tool for socially responsible agricultural supply chains"

In addition to environmental and social aspects, food security in global supply chains cannot be left out. The OECD refers to this as the "Triple Challenge": the aim is to ensure sufficient food for a growing population. At the same time, an adequate standard of living must be guaranteed for people in and at the beginning of supply chains, and the environment must be protected at the same time.  

The Food Security Standard refers to the human right to adequate food as well as the FAO's Right to Food Guideline. These voluntary guidelines take into account a variety of important considerations and principles such as equality and anti-discrimination, participation and inclusion, accountability and the rule of law, as well as the principle that all human rights are universal, indivisible, interrelated and interdependent. The Food Security Standard follows this holistic approach and its 17 principles cover a wide range of good practices and human rights. It is not a stand-alone standard, but can be integrated as an add-on to existing voluntary sustainability standards. 

We present how the Food Security Standard of the Welthungerhilfe can support meeting the right to food in global supply chains as part of corporate due diligence.  

In addition, the Kenyan agribusiness service provider Coffee Management Services (CMS) presents how certification to the Food Security Standard since 2018 has helped them uncover, address, and prevent food security risks.


By exception, the one-hour online meeting takes place on the second Friday of the month. 

The date is 13.01.2023 from 12:00 to 13:00pm. 

The event language is English. 


12.00pm Opening and Updates 
Benjamin Seidel, Division 122 / BMZ 

12.10pm Presentation of the Food Security Standard of the Welthungerhilfe
Lisa Heinemann, Project Manager, Welthungerhilfe   

12.25pm Learnings from an FSS audit in Kenya
Catherine Ng'ang'a, Regional Development & Sustainability Manager, Coffee Management Services (CMS)

12.35pm Q&A and Debate

12.55pm Outlook and Conclusion 
Maike Möllers, Program Director INA


Host: Christian Thorun, ConPolicy 


The event is aimed at interested stakeholders from the private sector, civil society and politics.