• INA lunchbreak
07. October 2022

The next edition of the INA Lunchbreak is dedicated to the topic: Creating risk analyses using the example of palm oil. 

In order to effectively address and minimise risks along the supply chain, these must first be identified. Therefore, risk analysis for the implementation of corporate due diligence forms a central element in the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG).  

In the upcoming INA lunch break, we will therefore once again address the topic of risk analyses, but this time using palm oil as an example. Among other things, we will present the guidelines prepared by the Südwind Institute for the preparation of risk analyses in the palm oil sector. This is followed by a classification by the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP), which commissioned and financed the guide. A practical example of the implementation of a risk analysis is presented by the Action for Sustainable Derivatives (ASD). For the important discussion on transferability to other agricultural supply chains, we have allowed sufficient time in our Q&A.  

As usual, the one-hour online meeting will take place on the first Friday of the month. 

The date is 07.10.2022 from 12:00 to 13:00. 

Please note that the meeting will be held in German

12:00 pm Opening
Viola Muster / ConPolicy

12:05 pm Opening and Updates
Benjamin Seidel,Department 122/BMZ 

12:10 pm Welcome and classification by the Forum on Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP)
Sascha Tischer, Vice Chairman of FONAP

12:15 pm Presentation of the guideline for the preparation of risk analyses in the palm oil sector
Friedel Hütz-Adams, Research associate at the Südwind Institute

12:35 pm Practical example of the Action for Sustainable Derivates (ASD)
Arnaud Bonisoli, ASD

12:45 pm Q&A

12:55 pm Summary and outlook
Maike Moellers, Programme management INA

Moderation: Viola Muster, ConPolicy 

The event is aimed at interested actors from the private sector, civil society and politics.