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07. June 2024

In our 29th Lunchbreak, we take a look at the role of smallholders within the data ecosystem in agriculture and the possibilities of fair and smallholder-oriented data governance.

Agricultural data plays a crucial role in the global economy at a social, economic and political level. Legal requirements on due diligence, such as the EU Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), oblige companies to provide comprehensive data on social conditions or the environmental impact of raw material procurement. This will lead to increased data collection on farmers in the future. However, a lack of digital integration, unequal access and a lack of control over this data can create a digital divide and put farmers at a significant disadvantage.

Sidi Amar, researcher at the Fair & Smart Data Spearhead at Maastricht University, explains how data-driven agriculture can contribute to sustainable development in the Global South, explains what fair data governance entails and formulates clear guidelines for the handling of smallholder farmers' sensitive data.

Using a digital traceability tool, the Federación Nacional de Cacaoteros Colombia (FEDECACAO) will demonstrate the challenges and risks associated with farmer data ownership in global agricultural supply chains and the opportunities that can arise. 

The one-hour online meeting takes place on the first Friday of the month.

The date is Friday, 07.06.2024­­­­ from 12.00–1.00pm CET.


12.00 pm             Opening and Updates   

                              Dr. Yvonne Franke, Referat 122 / BMZ    


12.05 pm            Risks and opportunities of data ownership in global agricultural
                             supply chains

                             Video report, Federación Nacional de Cacaoteros Colombia  


12.15 pm             Smallholderoriented Data Governance Principles

                              Sidi Amar, Smart & Fair Data Spearhead, Maastricht University


12.35 pm            Q&A  


12.55 pm            Summary and Outlook  
                            INA Program Management 


Moderation: Annette Cerulli-Harms, ConPolicy


The event will be held in English and is aimed at interested parties from the private sector, civil society and politics.