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01. September 2023

In this INA Lunchbreak we address the topic "Sustainable & Responsible Procurement Practices".

As the adverse impacts on humans and the environment caused by the global agri-food system becomes an increasingly prominent topic in European public and political discourse, downstream supply chain actors are beginning to rethink the way their operations are contributing to long-term value creation and how best to scale their impact. In our 20th Lunchbreak we will talk about sustainable and responsible purchasing practices which are a crucial part of due diligence and establishing sustainable livelihoods.

Deborah Osei-Mensah​, who is a registered farmer and livelihood development officer of Ghana’s Asunafo North Farmers Union as well as leader of the union’s Monitoring and Evaluation team​, will introduce the producer perspective of the impacts of purchasing practices of upstream supply chain actors.  

Kaja Olejniczak from Inclsve will present the major outcomes and recommendations of a study on responsible and sustainable purchasing practices, commissioned by INA in October 2022.  The aim of the study was to develop recommendation for companies on sustainable and responsible purchasing practices with focus on the Banana supply chain in Ecuador and the cocoa supply chain in Ghana. To capture opinions and perspectives from actors along the entire supply chain, Inclsve conducted interviews with producers, cooperatives, civil society, and government representatives.  

With their new Open Costing Approach ALDI SÜD KG is taking up their responsibility towards creating more socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable banana supply chains. Stephan Jermendy, Manager Corporate Responsibility International, ALDI SÜD KG will present insights into this pioneer approach that aims at increasing transparency, fostering collaboration with suppliers and thus leading to a better resilience to cost changes for producers.  

The one-hour online meeting takes place on the first Friday of the month.

The date is Friday, 01.09.202­­­­­3 from 12.00 - 13.00pm CET.

The event will be held in English.   


12.00pm       Opening and Updates

                       Benjamin Seidel, Consultant, Division 122 / BMZ 


12.05pm       Producer voice from Cocoa in Ghana

                        Deborah Osei-Mensah, Livelihood development officer of Ghana's Asunafo

                        North Farmers Union & leader of the union's Monitoring and Evaluation

                        team, Asunafo Cocoa Farmers


12.15pm        Presentation of study and recommendations on sustainable &

                        responsible procurement practices

                        Kaja Olejniczak, Consultant, inclsve


12.30pm       Q&A


12.35pm       Best practice from ALDI
                       Stephan Jermendy, Manager Corporate Responsibility International , ALDI

                       SÜD KG


12.45pm       Q&A

12.55pm       Summary and outlook
                       Moritz Heldmann, Programme Manager INA


Host: Christian Thorun, ConPolicy 


The study covered in the INA Lunchbreak, "Assessing the influence of purchasing practices of grocery retailers on producers" can be found here.


The event is aimed at interested parties from the private sector, civil society and politics.