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Episode 83: Menstruation is no taboo. Period

500 million women and menstruating people do not have what they need to manage their periods with dignity and safety every month. This is also because menstruation is still often associated with a stigma. Menstruating people are ashamed or even afraid to talk about it openly. Miriam Spykermann, the new face of the podcast, and Jann-Jakob Loos have taken on this taboo and looked at why it exists and how it can be combated. With Ina from Wash United, we got an overview of where this stigmatisation already begins and what the extremes look like in some countries. And in Malawi, we learn from Inken and Martha what the belief in witchcraft has to do with it and how menstrual cups can be a real game changer in everyday life.

Joint statement on the Supply Chain Act

In a joint statement, 33 companies and organisations have committed themselves to the Supply Chain Act. They want to take responsibility together with the German government to make their supply chains sustainable and traceable from the country of production to German and European supermarkets.

INATrace – the traceability tool for sustainable supply chains

INATrace is a transferable, open source blockchain-based traceability solution that makes agricultural commodities traceable from production up to the final product.