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Episode 87 - Easter and fair trade - We wish (ourselves) a fair Easter!

In the supermarket, you can't avoid the chocolate Easter bunnies that have been advertised for months. They are also available with the Fairtrade seal or from fair trade companies such as GEPA - even if you sometimes have to look more carefully. This Easter episode shows how Claudia Brück from Fairtrade Germany and Andrea Fütterer from GEPA are trying to make Fairtrade the standard and thus make the world a fairer place. We spoke to both of them about fair trade, how much power we have as buyers in front of the supermarket shelves and how the industry is currently struggling with the highest cocoa prices ever. Spoiler: The reasons are once again climate change, but also market mechanisms and our consumption. What do you look out for when shopping for Easter brunch? Text us on Instagram @ichwillfair!

Joint statement on the Supply Chain Act

In a joint statement, 33 companies and organisations have committed themselves to the Supply Chain Act. They want to take responsibility together with the German government to make their supply chains sustainable and traceable from the country of production to German and European supermarkets.

INATrace – the traceability tool for sustainable supply chains

INATrace is a transferable, open source blockchain-based traceability solution that makes agricultural commodities traceable from production up to the final product.