NEW: Episode 77 Strategy on Feminist Development Policy - Historical Moment yet Long Overdue

Feminist thinking - that is taken for granted by many in the year 2023. And yet there remains a need for people who put the fight for equality on the agenda. The German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), under the leadership of Svenja Schulze, wants to ensure equal opportunities and co-determination for women with its own strategy. No matter what is tackled in German development cooperation, it should always be feminist. It is about the 3 big R's: Rights, Resources and Representation.

Lara and JJ spoke with Kristina Lunz from the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy about the strategy paper. They also heard from Denyse K. Uwera, a coffee farmer from Rwanda, why this thinking is urgently needed. Despite some criticism of the new strategy, in the end it is true that the huge potential of women worldwide cannot be dispensed with.

Joint statement on the Supply Chain Act

In a joint statement, 33 companies and organisations have committed themselves to the Supply Chain Act. They want to take responsibility together with the German government to make their supply chains sustainable and traceable from the country of production to German and European supermarkets.

INATrace – the traceability tool for sustainable supply chains

INATrace is a transferable, open source blockchain-based traceability solution that makes agricultural commodities traceable from production up to the final product.